CMP25W,micro vacuum pumps,gas micro pump are well suited for transferring,evacuating and compressing air and neutral or corrosive gases as well as vapors.

Technical Features:
1.Long lifetime with a brushless motor.
2. Uncontaminated flow.
3.Non-metallic construction.
4.Compact size.
5.Maintaince free.
6.High level of gas tightness thanks to the closed diaphragm surface and special sealing system.
7.Can operate in any installed position

Various models

Type Voltage Free flow Max vacuum Max pressure Current Size
CMP25BW 12V DC 2.5 L/min -400mbar 0.7 bar 0.15A 25*40*55mm (Brushless Motor)
CMP25CW 6V DC 1 L/min -400mbar 400 mbar 0.1A 25*40*55mm (Brushless Motor)


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